A woman at the Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, camp in Kajuru in Kaduna state has given birth to triplets, the chairman of Mararaban Kajuru IDPs camp, Mr Alipiri Ado has said.

He added that three other women have also given birth in the camp.

Speaking to Daily Post in Kajuru yesterday during a visit to the camp, he explained that there are about 100 pregnant women across the six camps in the area, with more than 2,000 children below the age of five.

He stated that one of the women gave birth to triplets while another was delivered of twins.

Ado also said that two other women gave birth to one child each, adding that there are about 100 pregnant women across six camps in the area, with more than 2,000 children under the age of five.

At the Mararaban Kajuru camp, he noted that there were about 300 children under five years and more than 150 women in the camp.

He explained, “The IDPs, including the 300 children, are crowded in a two-bedroom apartment with only two mobile toilets with no water facility, predisposing them to diseases due to poor sanitation and hygiene.”

Ado, who confirmed the absence of water supply in the camp, however said that there was a dry well in the camp, adding that the only source of water is from neighbouring houses.

“We need water supply because we don’t know for how long the neighbours will allow the IDPs to be fetching water in their houses.

“Not only that, the space is too small and there are no enough sleeping materials in the camp. Only a few sleeps on available mattresses while majority sleep on bare floor, including the children,” he explained.

Speaking earlier, the Vice Chairman of Kajuru Local Government Council, Mr James Jagjum, said there were about 8,000 IDPs in eight camps across Chikun, Kajuru and Kachia local government areas of Kaduna State.


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