Dear Godwin Obaseki,

Not until the 6th of June 2019,when I wrote a letter to you addressing the “comatose-ness” of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the unparalleled dormancy and resplendent inertia of the commissioner thereof, many Edo people living in Edo state didn’t know that there was such an entity as the Ministry for Science and Technology in the state. Those in the diaspora thought I was being jocular and they still think so.

The truth thereto is that there’s such a ministry but it doesn’t exist in every sense of practicality.

During your campaign, you promised to use technology to create jobs in Edo state.

While that “wowed” some folks, giving them the impression that you had the gun and only needed to pull the trigger, we were discombobulated and utterly bemused when Mr Christopher Adesotu an otherwise effortlessly sluggish personality(No derogatories intended) was deployed to that ministry, our minds wriggled as to how you had now bought/brought a 1976 Peugeot 404 saloon car minded individual into a ministry that should have a 2019 Mercedes Benz maybach S650 minded commissioner leading a team of Millennials and late Generation X, providing cutting edge solutions to technological challenges, building softwares and designing programs to solve everyday problems that will make governance and co-ordination of state affairs easier in our state.

Why keep a man who even has no email address as commissioner for science and technology in 2019. Who does that Mr Governor!

Considering the hurry we are as a state to take advantage of the large youth workforce and engage the millions of unemployed and underemployed Edo youngsters, we need to get a square peg in that square hole and birth innovative ideas that will catapult and transmogrify our dreams and aspirations as a state and a people into productive reality.

Who says our Ministry of science and technology staff cannot build apps that SMEs in Edo can download from their smartphones and pay their taxes when it is due? Who says we can’t design a database linking all the ministries and indeed the schools in the entire state such that government has almost real time information about what the needs are in these sectors of the state. If we had a thinking commissioner, the opportunities available in the tech industry are enormous but alas!

In the world today sir, nobody leaves smartphones in the hands of mentally sluggish people. It is counterproductive!

It will be counted against you as Governor if you fail to infuse some life into that ministry and rejig it into viability while you still can.

It is my hope therefore that you will immediately get a young and dynamic individual, composmentis in reasoning, who is mentally up-to-date, who can atleast operate his smart phone and send an email, a technology driven mind with a background in science to head that ministry and take her out of the gutter she presently sits comfortably at.

Our dear brother is obviously spent and can be advised to start a farm or something and be more useful to society.

In any case your excellency, the #EdoJobs initiative is organizing training on soap making, bead making, cake baking and chin-chin frying, who knows if that’s the forte of Mr Adesotu, where his hidden talent has been resting all these years.

Let’s move forward with science and technology in our dear state!
Let’s make some progress please!


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