By Nosakhare Ewere

A wise saying holds that a man whose house is on fire do not chase rats; but for Godwin Obaseki, the governor of Edo state and his Media aides, it is either their ears are resistant to wise counsel or their hearts hardened against the true plight of the people they should be looking out for.

Obaseki who rode to victory on the back of tall promises has, as shown by numerous proofs, failed to fulfill the words he gave to the electorates who trusted him unto power. Faced with critical assessment of his performance by a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress and his former Chief Press Secretary, Prince John Mayaki, the governor and his media aides deflected and went head on into ad hominem.

Instead of putting off the fire gutting their track record, that way proving their competence, they rather opt to attack the critic’s personality. Accusing Mayaki of bitterness, they claimed his assessment came from a place of vendetta, but what their act proves is that in a man’s reaction to criticism, his true character is found. And what is found of Obaseki and his aides is glowing incompetence.

Mayaki is worthy of dishing criticism to this administration as proved in his selfless, service-dedicated record in the state. Mayaki, unlike the incompetent Obaseki, is a man who follows his conscience, a man who has no business with nepotism and rewarding of friendship with state resources. It is this following of conscience and discipleship to truth that led Mayaki towards standing with Adams Oshiomhole, through thick and thin, when his given mandate was threatened in court by enemies of state common good, by the same charlatans who Obaseki is now in bed with. Most importantly, as a man who follows truth and conscience to the last distance, Mayaki abandoned Obaseki when it became clear he no longer have the good people of Edo at heart.

Yet the people of Edo must not fall for this dangerous trap occasioned by con masters whose skills are versed in bending attention from substance to shadows. We must not go low with him in throwing muds, rather we shall, with feet held strong to the ground, steadfastly, demand the fulfillment of Obaseki’s campaign promises and the tangible proof of any he may claim to have fulfilled.

Given the style and approach so far employed, one heartbreaking fact emerges clear and it is that Obaseki instead of delivering 200,000 jobs as promised, is more ready, in what underlines his incompetence, to design 200,000 shallow accusations and excuses. This, more than anything else, proves that this is not the ideal man to be fielded by the All Prongressive Congress; not the man to lead a visionary and progressive people of Edo state; and most importantly, not the kind of man to be found anywhere near leadership in a democratic setting. Accountability is a fundamental factor of democracy and for anyone who detest this vital principle, democratic leadership should not be his business. And it is for this reason that Godwin Obaseki is found wanting; abhoring accountability, it all but becomes time-up for him as the good people of Edo state are disinterested in excuses but a faithful administration that walks its talk.

For people like Godwin Obaseki whom principles mean nothing to, who is drowning in the pool of his own established failure, anything is game and anyone can be sacrificed to maintain his weak hold on power. With this, it becomes dangerous to associate oneself with such mindless power drunk who finds no wrong in pallying with the opposition he once accused of varying degree of corruption. Here, we pause and ask, what kind of man really, is Godwin Obaseki?

He is the kind of man that squanders three years in power achieving nothing for the people who, through trust and love, gave him their mandate. He is the kind man of whose inclinations tilt towards maddening opulence, ignoring the plight of the people. He is the kind of man who cannot put himself in the frame of mind of his people. He is a shallow man whose political values dissolved by the corrupting effect of power. He is that unwise man whose house is on fire but is bent on chasing rats. Godwin Obaskei is just like biblical Saul, who instead of obeying the promises he gave the people in exchange for their mandates by fulfilling them, is rather given to worthless sacrifices of unnecessary associations and endorsements even by corrupt opposition; and for this, even though he may not know yet, the people have refused him and the kingdom of Edo governorship has departed from him.


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